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Erik Paulsen and Tom Emmer Have Different Answer Than John Kline

October 4, 2015 Dear Friends, For too long, the White House and Congress have been engulfed in self-created crises and cliffs. The private sector doesn’t operate this way; the federal government shouldn’t, either. Americans sent their elected representatives to Washington to tackle the tough issues which include long-term solutions to runaway spending and debt. Last […]

House Republicans Reject Housing Support for Homeless Veterans While Promoting Armed Forces Day

According to Republicans, they are looking out for veterans … Today marks #ArmedForcesDay. We honor those who answered the call to defend our great nation—today & everyday. pic.twitter.com/CI6x3XRW8G — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May 16, 2015 And Monday, they took action Honoring the Armed Forces, House passes six #vets bills: http://t.co/bKQ8wVUIP9 — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May […]

John Kline Redefines Minorities – Pushes $269 Billion Tax Cut for 0.2% Americans

Before House took its April recess, the focus was on the FY2016 budget … as we know, John Kline supported the Republican Study Committee’s Blueprint for a Balanced Budget. That plan lowering non-defense discretionary spending to $405 billion in FY16, which is less than the Republican-controlled Budget Committee requested ($493.5 billion). That budget proposal failed […]

For John Kline, 1 Down 62 to Go

Last week, Chairman John Kline joined Speaker Boehner and seven other Republicans for a visit to Israel where they able to see first hand the Gaza tunnels … “We go down into one of the tunnels, and let me tell you, you can barely fit shoulder-to-shoulder. They tell us that Hamas is digging as we […]

GOP House Budget Rejects Amendment To Restore VA Funding

The 114th Congress gaveled into session with 58 new Members — 43 Republicans and 15 Democrats — all with the idea of representing their constituents. Sadly, thus far, we have seen that some believe their constituents are their respective Party Managers … be it, Corporate Republican, TaxedEnoughAlready Conservative or Democrat. For the Republicans, the Party […]

After the Fiasco of The Student Success Act, John Kline Asks Other Congressmen to Lead on Special Education

Wow … what’s your reaction to John Kline’s latest press release ? With the release of the Republican Budget (well actually, more like guidelines as the budget document did not specify which programs would be cut), Chairman Kline seemed awful quick to try to separate himself from any potential damage while pandering to a group […]