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MN03 Paulsen OpEd : $267 Billion HIT on the Deficit

Both parties agree we need to lower healthcare costs & it starts w/ #StopTheHIT. See my bipartisan op-ed w/ @RepBera https://t.co/6CNzV1RthK — Rep. Erik Paulsen (@RepErikPaulsen) October 11, 2017 The OpED [highlights below] Let’s find bipartisan solution to rising health care costs Providing Americans with access to quality, affordable health care is not a partisan […]

Was Erik Paulsen Duped By Medical Devicemakers Or Is He Promoting Alternative Facts ?

It wasn’t alternative facts when Congressman Tom Price R-GA-06 offered H.R. 4848 “Healthy Inpatient Procedures Act of 2016” or the “HIP Act” … it was greed. Background : Medicare had announced a new regulation – Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model. The CJR model’s goal was to give hospitals a financial incentive to work with […]

Erik Paulsen Takes a Victory Lap as Reality Sets In – The well-oiled machine works

Visited 4 local #meddevice companies today. 2-yr suspension of med device tax means investing in R&D and more jobs. pic.twitter.com/qDKCXOkD9K — Rep. Erik Paulsen (@RepErikPaulsen) December 22, 2015 The media called it a “victory lap” … for a two-year suspension of the medical device excise tax. And as Erik Paulsen said “the reality is that, […]

Erik Paulsen Christmas Wishlist (are you on it ?)

There’s only eight days left before “Elf” Paulsen and the House head home for the Christmas holidays … and everyone is wonder what “presents” will Representative Paulsen be bringing home to Minnesota’s Third District. “Presents” are always appreciated, but we all know that somehow and at some time, these “presents” will have to be paid. […]

Kline Misses Hearing as Doctor Talks About the Real Fear of ObamaCare

Today, the Education and the Workforce Committee subcommittee held a field hearing on the harmful “Effects of the President’s Health Care Law”. Chairman John Kline’s presence was not noted … which is too bad because there was some good medical advice offered … especially when John Kline is so concerned about “putting bureaucrats between Americans […]

FINALLY, Kline Wants To Talk (and says so)

Listen to John Kline (R-MN-02) as he tells America that all the Republicans want “is a conversation” because the Democrats and President Obama “refuse to negotiate”. Check the date stamp on the video … it was TODAY … October 8th. Gosh, it certainly is good that Mr. Kline finally has spoken … it has been […]